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CCNC responds to passage of Greensboro redistricting bill

The NC General Assembly today adopted a highly controversial measure that will radically change Greensboro's voting maps ahead of this fall's local elections. See more

Today's US Supreme Court ruling is a big win for redistricting reform – here's what needs to happen next in NC

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday affirmed the right of states to implement an independent process for drawing voting maps. Now it's time for action in the legislature. See more

Common Cause NC responds to voter ID changes

The NC General Assembly voted to soften the state's voter ID requirement, which had been among the strictest in the nation. See more

Mayors join forces to end gerrymandering

Former Charlotte mayor Richard Vinroot, a Republican, and former Raleigh mayor Charles Meeker, a Democrat, are leading a growing group of local elected officials calling for a bipartisan solution to gerrymandering.

Learn why the issue matters to them and how you can join the movement.

NC students speak up for HBCUs in Congress

See why these students from some of North Carolina's historically black colleges and universities went to Washington. Watch

Moral Monday returns to Raleigh

Meet just a few of the North Carolinians who came to the legislature to call for protecting voting rights and ending gerrymandering. Watch