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Register to vote in North Carolina!

The deadline to register to vote for North Carolina's primary election is February 19. Get registered!


Beginning in 2016, most North Carolina voters will be required to show an acceptable photo ID when voting in person. More


As redistricting is for the moment front and center, those of us pushing for a common-sense solution make this respectful request to our legislators: give reform a chance. More


A federal court on Friday ruled that two of North Carolina's 13 congressional districts – the 1st and 12th – were unconstitutionally gerrymandered and ordered the state to redraw the districts by Feb. 19. More


In the 54 days leading up to the March 15 primary, Common Cause North Carolina will take a daily look at the 54 NC General Assembly districts where voters have no choice in this year's elections. More


This ad is ridiculous ... but so is gerrymandering. Watch


A new analysis from political scientists at NC State University shows that even the best laid gerrymander may soon be no guarantee for victory in the face of rapidly changing demographics. More

Henry Capers

Wake County citizens spoke up at a recent board of elections meeting to help save Sunday voting for the 2016 primary election and preserve Chavis Community Center as an early voting site. Watch

Abe Holtzman Public Policy Forum at NC State University

The School of Public & International Affairs at NC State University presents a look at how dramatically changing demographics in North Carolina could affect political gerrymandering. Watch

Robert Reich on income inequality

Recent headlines in North Carolina have highlighted large political donors also winning significant contracts with state government, raising concerns about "pay-to-play politics" in which campaign cash might influence how tax dollars are spent. More

Robert Reich on income inequality

Former US secretary of labor and current Common Cause national board chair Robert Reich visited Meredith College in Raleigh to discuss the growing income inequality in the US that he examines in his new book, "Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few." Watch

Robert Reich on income inequality

More than 100 students from St. Augustine's and Shaw universities marched to the polls during the early voting period to make their voices heard in Raleigh's mayoral and city council elections. Watch

HBCU students go to Congress

Six of Common Cause North Carolina's Democracy Fellows traveled to Washington, DC, last week to join the Journey for Justice as it reached the nation's capital. Watch

Journey for Justice comes to Raleigh

Over 1,500 people participated in a voting rights rally in Raleigh as part of "America's Journey for Justice." Watch

Journey for Justice marchers

Learn why dozens of marchers braved rain and sweltering heat as they made their way through the southern part of the state. Watch

A conversation with Rick Glazier

As he prepared to depart the NC House after 13 years of service, Rep. Rick Glazier shared his views on voting rights, redistricting reform and more. Watch

A conversation with Henry Frye

Former NC Supreme Court justice Frye recently shared his powerful experiences and his unique insight into our democracy today with fellow NC A&T alumni John Holdsclaw and Dominique Sanders of Common Cause North Carolina. Watch

Winston-Salem protest

Whatever your politics, your age, race or gender, and wherever you live in North Carolina, you have a stake in a lawsuit now being tried in Winston-Salem. See more

This month marked the 271st birthday of Elbridge Gerry, the former Massachusetts governor for whom "gerrymandering" is named. See more

Winston-Salem march

Common Cause NC joined thousands of North Carolinians in standing up for voting rights at a march in Winston-Salem. See more

Over 200 municipal leaders across NC call for an end to gerrymandering

"We continue to be impressed by the outpouring of support from leaders of both parties across the state," said former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot. See more

Today's US Supreme Court ruling is a big win for redistricting reform – here's what needs to happen next in NC

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday affirmed the right of states to implement an independent process for drawing voting maps. Now it's time for action in the legislature. See more

Mayors join forces to end gerrymandering

Former Charlotte mayor Richard Vinroot, a Republican, and former Raleigh mayor Charles Meeker, a Democrat, are leading a growing group of local elected officials calling for a bipartisan solution to gerrymandering.

Learn why the issue matters to them and how you can join the movement.



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