Meet Christelle Lohembe
Common Cause NC member

Christelle Lohembe

Being a Democracy Fellow is 'the best thing I've ever done.'

"I wanted to do something that I've never done before," Christelle Lohembe says of her decision to become a Democracy Fellow with Common Cause North Carolina.

"I've always been quiet, and I wanted to do something that would force me to step out of my comfort zone and do civic engagement," she says. "It turns out to be the perfect thing. The best thing I've ever done."

A student at Fayetteville State University, Christelle is one of our amazing Democracy Fellows organizing at seven historically black colleges and universities in North Carolina.

In addition to engaging college students in their democracy, Christelle volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club, helping to provide children with a positive and enriching after-school experience.

Being a criminal justice major, Christelle says she is concerned about the school-to-prison pipeline and she is committed to helping these young people reach their potential.

"The kids here are amazing," she says. "The future starts today. We need leaders who will set us in the right direction."

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